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Experts Sharing Their Specialties

Every marketing expert and consultant has their own specialty. Here are some of the most highly regarded experts from around the world sharing what they know best.

Danny Iny, Firepole Marketing – What is Marketing and How it Works

Danny Iny - Firepole MarketingDanny Iny’s blog is one of the fastest-growing marketing blogs on the planet. He’s also known as the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging” and as the author of “Engagement from Scratch!“, which he co-authored with many of the best-known online personalities around.

In the Interview:

We go over what marketing is, what makes it work, how to start it, and all the steps of effective marketing.

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Tom Treanor, Right Mix Marketing – How to Use Webinars Effectively

Tom Treanor - Right Mix MarketingTom Treanor is the founder of Right Mix Marketing, and helps businesses use content marketing, SEO, blogging, and social media effectively. Tom’s well-known as a blogging and social media expert. He’s a consultant, speaker, blogger, and a university teacher.

In the Interview:

We go over what webinars are, how to set them up for success, what are the ideal topics, and most importantly how to create real results (build lists and get sales) with webinars.

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Dov Gordon, The Alchemist Entrepreneur – How to Attract More Customers

Dov GordonDov Gordon is the founder of The Alchemist Entrepreneur. He helps businesses attract a steady and predictable flow of new customers – and he does it well.

In the Interview:

We go over how you should start marketing (three questions you must answer). Where you should market. Why you shouldn’t use all available marketing channels. And much more…

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…and many more to come.

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