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3 Strategies for Email Marketing and How to Succeed with Each

3 Strategies to Email Marketing

The three strategies to email marketing can all work well, if your copy is good. photo: Glen Edelson

Email marketing has the highest response rate out of any marketing method.

Does that mean spamming works? Well, someone has to buy something from spammers, otherwise they’d become extinct.

But there’s spamming, and then there’s quality direct email marketing.

The latter is one of the best strategies to market B-2-B products and services, but B-2-C businesses can learn a lot from it too.

It might not be right for you. Maybe content email marketing works better for your business, but understanding the principles behind the other two email strategies will make a huge difference to your success.

So, here are the three strategies to email marketing, how to figure out which is best for your business, and how to succeed with each.

How to Seduce a Goldfish

People have the attention-span of a goldfish. And that affects your marketing.

People have the attention span of a goldfish. And that affects your marketing.

Have you ever knocked on the side of a fish tank and felt betrayed by the goldfishes that ignored you?

You push your face against the side, yell at them—loudly enough to wake up a fossil—or serve their favorite purple treats that smell like chicken poo, and they’re still more fascinated by the water around them than you.

Does your website or marketing efforts remind you of that fish tank? No matter what you do, no one notices.

It could be that people have the attention span of a goldfish.

Depending on the goldfish, it’s somewhere between three and 10 seconds.

That’s how long you have to turn apathy into solid interest or risk losing your visitors and prospects to other sites and businesses.

Understanding what makes people excited about your message is the key to effective writing and marketing.

101 Headline Formulas that Capture Attention and Get Your Message Read

101 Headline Formulas - The Ultimate Swipe File

“The Only Swipe File You’ll Ever Need”

The headline is the most important part of any text.

It will either keep people reading what you have to say, or send them away.

How many headlines do you read during a day? Twitter, Facebook, email, magazines, etc. Altogether 100? Maybe more?

And how many of those make you read more?

An average headline gets around 25% of people to read on. And even fewer read to the end. Even when reading and leaving are the only possibilities (landing pages, magazines, etc.).

What do you think happens to those percentages in Twitter where dozens of headlines fight for attention?

So, what can you do to beat the odds?

Review: Fascinate – Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

Fascinate by Sally HogsheadFascinate by Sally HogsheadFascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation by Sally Hogshead

Rating: 5/5

Ever wondered how to capture people’s attention completely? Or why you sometimes lose track of time?

The answer to both is fascination.

What is it? Fascination is powerful attraction that captures your attention and focus.

Why should you care?

Fascination is the best tool you have to get your message heard.

If you want to be good at copywriting, you need to understand how to fascinate people.

If you want to write captivating headlines, you need to make them fascinating.

If you want to be fascinating in your personal life or at work, you need to understand the seven triggers.

But the one question remains: What is fascinating and how do you write/become more fascinating?

Rules of Marketing – Are Your Following the Wrong Rules?

Breaking the Rules of Marketing

Breaking the rules of effective marketing isn’t illegal, you just lose your customers. photo: kelsey e.

Every game has its rules and you can’t succeed if you don’t understand them. So, what are the rules of marketing?

The rules of marketing include the laws and regulations, but you’ll never win a game if you only avoid breaking its rules. When it comes to effective marketing, the referee is the consumer and they get to choose the winner.

Marketing is a game where you get points for style and the consumers decide who wins.

How do they choose the winner? How do you style points? And which rules shouldn’t you ever break?

In other words: How do you create effective marketing messages?

Stockmann Syndrome – Don’t Try this (Landing Page) at Home

Landing Page Conversion

You can’t always hit the bulls-eye, but you’ll always do fine with these three landing page principles. photo: ##Erika**

Landing pages are a cornerstone of online marketing, but sometimes even large companies forget how to build effective landing pages.

Stockmann is the best known and most prestigious department store in Finland. They’ve been around for 125 years and their special sale is an event people wait almost religiously.

Their marketing is usually really good, but the other day I stumbled onto their opt-in email list landing page. All the three basic elements of an effective landing page were wrong.

I could not believe they could go so wrong with their marketing. But so does many other major companies all around the world.

If you follow these three basic guidelines, you’re landing page will get at least an average conversion. But if you forget even one of these basics, your conversion will sink.

5 Most Important Design Aspects of a Business Website

The New Blog Theme and the New Website are Finished

My new blog theme and the new website are finally online.

The new blog theme and a website I built from scratch are finally here. It took me about 11 weeks and 100 liters of tea (yes tea, not coffee).

I’m not a developer so I won’t attempt to say much about the coding. I’m a business owner and the goal of my blog is to support my business; that was the starting point for the design.

But why on earth did I decide to do it myself instead of hiring someone to do it for me? Uhmm… Because I wanted to be in full control of every element and I had no idea how much work it would be ;) The depressing part is that I’m nowhere near finished; there’s a lot I’m going to change. But for now, the basics are done.

I did learn a lot and these things apply to every web site, not just blogs, meant to drive business.

So, here’s the five most important design aspects of a website from a business stand point.

New Blog Theme – Coming Soon

If you’ve read Affect Selling for a while, you may have noticed I’ve posted a lot less frequently recently than usual. That’s because I’ve built a new theme for the blog from scratch (it’ll be published next week).

For many people that’s not a huge task. Unfortunately I’m not one of those people; I have no training in coding, I understand nothing about Javascript or complex PHP, and I’m clueless when it comes to databases.

And on top of the new blog theme, I’ve been building another site too. Affect Selling will become the blog part of the new site once it’s up and running.

Fortunately there’s quite a few things I’ve learned in the process, even if you exclude the coding part.

Potatoes – The Great Time Management Teachers

Time Management Lesson by Potatoes

Potatoes can teach you the most important time management lesson. photo: dag endresen

Time management is one of those topics, that you can easily find millions of blog posts about. But it’s also one of those topics that you can read a million blog posts about without actually changing anything.

I recently wrote about what I learned about deadlines (and time management) when we prepared for our wedding. And I do believe the lessons are important and universal.

But I had read those things a hundred times and thought about them and tried to use them, without success. I had to learn them from my mistakes.

In fact there’s only one time management lesson I can think of, that is so simple you can learn it from a blog post. And potatoes have taught it to me.

Choosing Business Gifts

Many businesses give business gifts to their partners and customers. Business gifts vary from post cards and pens to expensive wines and luxury holidays.

If you run a small business you won’t even consider the more extravagant gifts. But you should remember your partners and customers somehow.

How do you then decide what to give as business gifts?

I can’t give you a straightforward answer since it’s different for every business. Fortunately figuring out what to give isn’t all that complex.